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Replenishment Models vs. MRP Systems

John Denzel December 02, 2019

  The Challenges with MRP: MRP Systems have been used for decades to help with material planning. The promise has been an MRP system can tell the user what, when, and how many items are required. 

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It is Not Supplier Lead Time - It is Your Lead Time

John Denzel November 13, 2019

There is an old saying in operations management; “You need to manage your supply chain, or it will manage you.” Few fields in your MRP system impact the amount of inventory in your supply chain as.

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True Cost of Inventory

John Denzel September 15, 2019

  Big Picture Costs of Inventory Companies often miss the bigger picture. Recently, we have taken a small step as some companies now talk about landed costs

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The Right Way to Determine a Targeted Service Level

John Denzel September 08, 2019

  Understand Expected Service Levels The first step in determining the “right” inventory level is to understand the expected service level associated with that inventory. 

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