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Measuring Flowrate

Roman Tuero December 04, 2019

Use Measurements There are many ways to get more productivity out of your process. One such way is using measurements. Simply put, if you don’t give your team a target, then how can you expect.

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Progressive Work Across Your Organization

Roman Tuero November 20, 2019

Build on Henry Ford Redesigning your process to perform the work progressively is one of the best ways to achieve better productivity. Henry Ford designed his assembly line in a progressive.

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Checks and Double Checks

Roman Tuero October 07, 2019

  Quality as a Metric It doesn’t help to be faster than your competition if your product quality is inferior. It is also important to recognize that there’s more to quality than just saying it is.

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How Progressive Sticking Can Increase Efficiency

Roman Tuero October 03, 2019

Lean Flow Principles can be applied in almost any industry, not just manufacturing. These same principles apply and work impressively well in the green industry. Let’s focus on an area near and dear.

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